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Borrowing to Pay Your Taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS): What Are Your Repayment Options?

If you’ve recently filed your taxes and discovered you owe a tax debt, you may be researching the best method to pay them before the extended tax filing and payment deadline of May 17, 2021 (at the time of this publication).

Wealth Management Strategies | Improving Your Financial Health

David Frederick, Director of Client Success and Advice at First Bank Wealth Management, discusses strategies to help you improve your financial literacy and your overall financial health.

How Biases Can Impact Investors’ Financial Well-Being and Significantly Alter Accumulated Wealth, Part III

Over the last two parts, we’ve discussed how biases impact our decision-making, particularly when it comes to our investments. Continuing to understand our biases can help us better understand why we make our financial, wealth, and investment decisions.

Financial Literacy Month 2021: Are You on Track to Financial Wellness?

April is National Financial Literacy Month, or a month set aside to highlight the importance of sound financial behaviors. Financial literacy is understanding and employing financial skills, such as budgeting, debt management, and investing.

A Few Simple Ideas to Reduce Income Tax

Though the official tax filing deadline has been pushed back to May 17, 2021 April still has the honorable distinction of being considered “tax month” in the hearts and minds of most Americans.

A Lifetime of Retirement Planning Webinar

David Frederick, Director of Client Advice and Success at First Bank Wealth Management, discusses the financial needs people face as they age, how to source funds to meet their needs, and basic steps to help ensure a successful retirement plan.