Private Lending Services

Sophisticated options for your unique needs
  • Take your choice of credit lines.
  • Enjoy a  special credit card.
  • Work directly with a Private Banker.

Personal relationships provide you
with maximum value.

Our Private Bankers work overtime to make sure you're well taken care of.

One-on-one meetings at your home or business office. Weekends appointments when you have the time to talk. When you're a Private Banking client, you get more than an attractive range of loan and credit card options. You get exclusive access to a professional banker who will go the extra mile to get things done for you.

First Premier Investment Line of Credit

  • Receive interest rate that's tied to the Prime rate.
  • Secure your credit line with personal investment portfolio.
  • Get annual renewal with minimal documentation.
  • Have your portfolio co-managed by First Bank and an outside brokerage firm.

First Premier Line of Credit

  • Benefit from an interest rate that's tied to the Prime rate.
  • Link the credit line to First Bank checking account for Overdraft Protection.
  • Automatically debit payments from your First Bank account
  • Sign up for online payment option.

Home Equity Line of Credit

  • Gain access to a 10-year revolving line of credit.
  • Receive an interest rate that's tied to the Prime rate.
  • Automatically debit payments from any First Bank account.
  • Choose to make monthly payments of interest only or principal and interest

Maximum Rewards Mastercard®

  • Choose a Rewards Card or a reduced interest rate.
  • Pay no annual card fee.
  • Arrange for auto pay from your First Bank account.
Individual Retirement Planning
Helping you save the most gold for your golden years.