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2023 Family Business CEOs to Watch

First Bank's Center for Family-Owned Businesses is thrilled to announce two of our close family business friends as 2023 Family Business Magazine CEOs to Watch!

Active Versus Passive Portfolio Management: Which Investment Method Is Right for You?

A common debate among investment forums is regarding the merits of active versus passive portfolio management. Whatever method an investor chooses, they will need to weigh their financial goals, the time horizon, and risk tolerance into their strategic long-term asset allocation approach.

2023 Family Business Symposium - Leaving a Legacy: What Are the Purposes Your Family Business Serves?

First Bank's Center for Family-Owned Businesses held the Family Business Symposium on October 19-20, 2023. Watch Mike Dierberg's symposium introduction "Leaving a Legacy: What are the Purposes Your Family Business Serves?"

The Progenitor’s Dilemma: Avoiding Entitlement When Transferring Wealth

This article discusses strategies that parents and grandparents may use to help leave a legacy of empowerment and not entitlement with their transfer of wealth.

Family Business Boards – Hidden Challenges and How to Overcome Them

The article discusses five reasons business owners do not create a family business board and five reasons to consider creating one.

Moving a Family Business Beyond the Founder’s Vision

This article discusses how a founding family member establishing and growing a successful business is only the first step. The next generation of leaders need to strategize and reestablish what business they are in, what the goals will be, and how to achieve this new path.