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Mikel Williamson Appointed CEO of First Bank

It is an exciting time in our 100+ year-long history as Mikel Williamson assumes the role of President and CEO. As of November 1, 2023, Mikel will be taking over day-to-day bank responsibilities and will also serve as CEO and president of FB Corporation.

Transitioning the Business: Building Your Legacy

This article, “Building Your Legacy,” written by Joshua Nacht and originally published in Family Business Magazine, discusses the process in which multi-generational family businesses develop a sustainable legacy.

Educating the Next Generation

Charlie Rhomberg shares how Crescent Electric Supply overcomes the challenges of keeping over 100 shareholders across seven family branches informed and on the same page.

Do You Have a Financial Plan? Here are Six Things to Consider Including in Yours

October is Financial Planning Month! Do you have a financial plan? According to multiple sources, on average, only 27.88% of Americans have a financial plan. Without a financial plan, it can be hard to have a clear understanding of your finances.