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1 Leadership

Women in Family Business Leadership

First Bank held its Inaugural Women in Family Business and Community Leadership Symposium in Newport Beach, CA. Debra Wanbaugh, Regional Manager for First Bank in Newport Beach, CA and Shelley Seifert, CEO of First Bank, gave introductory speeches for the event.

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2 Transformation

Transformation in a Fourth Generation Family-Owned Bank

When most people think about family businesses, transformation and innovation are probably not the first things that come to mind.  Doing things the same way as the prior generation did them is how most people probably think about family businesses, and perhaps it is even part of the lore of the family businesses.

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3 Decision Making

Four Tips on Balancing Family Business Decision Making

As a family business, making business decisions can be cumbersome. Similar to non-family businesses, your decisions weigh heavily on the success of the business. In particular for family businesses, these decisions may also impact the family harmony.

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4 Generational Success (New)

Dalin Dental Associates: A St. Louis-Based Family Business That Makes Everyone Smile

Crafted with the same core values as the First Bank family, Dalin Dental Associates is a multi-generational family business that is devoted to serving its clients, is fully invested in the longevity of its organization, and possesses a passionate commitment to the St. Louis community.

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1 Family Businesses

Engaging The Next Generation for Long-Term Success

Engaging the next generation in the family business requires more than communicating with them about the business. It requires learning and understanding what is needed in order to bring value to the company.

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2 Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight: A Slice of St. Louis History

At First Bank, we celebrate like-minded, family-owned businesses that have survived and thrived through multiple generations of change. Now, in its fourth generation, First Bank has also done just that. 

One such First Bank client, Imo’s Pizza, is a long-term First Bank client. Credited with offering the first local pizza delivery service, Ed and Margie Imo began their family-owned business journey, opening their first pizza parlor in 1964 in St. Louis, MO. With humble beginnings, the first Imo’s kitchen was comprised of a used oven and a stove they purchased for only $75. They even used an old tackle box as their first cash register.

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3 Innovation & Growth

Growing Up in the Family Business

From being labeled the “boss’s kid” and learning the business to unique family dynamics, Michael Dierberg, fourth generation family leader, Chairman of FB Corporation, and President of First Bank, unpacked the challenges many next generation family business leaders face.

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1 Succession Planning

Ensuring a Seamless Transition in Leadership

It can be hard to let go. Whether it’s your own business, or you’ve been entrusted with the responsibility of leading a business, you invest time, energy, and so much more to ensure its success.

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2 Family Business

Metro Electric Supply: A Bright Light in the St. Louis Community for Over 50 Years

Headquartered in Saint Louis, MO, St. Louis Metro Electric Supply, Inc., a wholesale distributor of electrical supplies and operator of several retail lighting stores, has been providing wholesale electrical and retail lighting solutions since 1967.

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3 Family Business

What if No One in the Family Wants the Business?

As generations before us, most family business owners have invested considerable time, energy, savings, hopes, and dreams into the longevity of their business.

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4 Succession Planning

Structures and Strategies: Family Business Succession Planning

Charles Claver, Senior Vice President and Family Wealth Advisor, discusses structures and strategies to implement for passing your business to the next generation successfully.

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5 Legacy

Family Business Spotlight: Dovetail Furniture, a Family Business Designed to Last

Dovetail Furniture opened its doors 30-years ago, led by co-founders Charlie Shaw and Ted Einstein. Barbara Einstein, Ted’s wife, later joined the organization and is credited with helping the company evolve creatively.

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Family Business Management Solutions

Achieving long-term success as a family business demands the right tools. Let First Bank’s tailored family business solutions help your organization achieve success now and for generations to come.

Explore First Bank in our clients' words

Bright Lives Healthcare Inc.

After observing how healthcare facilities are run, CEO and Executive Chairman of Bright Lives Healthcare Inc., Prabal Gupta, took advantage of an opportunity to improve the environment in which seniors with Dementia and Alzheimer’s live.

Dependable Solutions

Marty Malysz, President at Dependable Solutions, shares his insight on the company's partnership with First Bank.

JD Barlow Construction

Dawn Vernola shares her insight on her company's experience with First Bank.
Commitment to Family-Owned Businesses Michael Dierberg
Our multi-generational family history uniquely positions us to understand the needs and challenges.