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Tribute to Those Not Forgotten - Betty Lambert

Betty Lambert was featured during First Bank's Tribute to Those Not Forgotten at the St. Louis Blues game on November 30, 2021. She served in the US Army and was in the Medical Corps.

First Bank Community Comes First - Freda Dill

Supporting organizations in her community is a highlight for Freda Dill, the Northern California Area Manager for First Bank. Hear from Freda says about her volunteering experience and how First Bank encourages these efforts.

Wait, Are You Saying I Don’t Need a 20 Percent Down Payment to Buy a Home?!

What’s the single biggest misconception in homeownership that I often hear?

Wait, Are You Saying the Holidays Could Cost Me Over a $1,000 This Year?!

Are you ready for the holidays? If not, we get it. From the challenges of the pandemic and supply and labor shortages to higher costs for everything from gas to groceries, saving up for the holiday season may not have been exactly at the top of your to-do list.

Money Management Skill Building: Five Age Appropriate Jobs for Tweens

As children continue to grow into their tweens, they might consider getting a job to earn more money. As their parent or guardian, you’ll want to ensure their job is age appropriate and that they are getting compensated fairly.

Update Your Home with a Home Equity Line of Credit

Preparing to make updates or additions to your home can be financially straining. A HELOC home loan is a great way to fund projects, as you’ll be able to use the funds many times for multiple projects, like a new roof in the spring or a new pool in the summer.