Digital Wallet

Tap, swipe or slide. It's the better way to pay.
  • Move faster through store checkouts.
  • Links to your First Bank Debit Mastercard® .
  • Feel safe with high-tech security features.

The best part about shopping?
Certainly not standing around.

Fast-forward through checkout lines by paying for purchases with your smartphone.

No digging in your pockets for cash. No fumbling for a paper check. When you've picked out everything you need, there's a simpler way to pay. With Digital Wallets, you just flash your phone near (or against) a retailer's or restaurant's payment terminal and quickly move on to more exciting parts of your day.  

  • Download free app from Google, Apple or Samsung App Stores.
  • Works with most smartphones, tablets and smart watches.
  • Accepted at millions of stores, restaurants and entertainment venues.
  • Track your purchases easily, as your Digital Wallet links directly to First Bank accounts.
  • Feel confident that state-of-the-art security measures will keep your financial information private.

Whether you're grabbing a quick lunch, picking up groceries, or shopping for clothes, use your Digital Wallet to pay at millions of locations, including these stores:

Image of logos of various participating stores

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