Bill Pay

Learn how to manage all of your bills from one easy location.
  • Use one-time or recurring payments.
  • Receive your bills in an electronic format.
  • View Bill Pay history for each payee.

Bill Pay

Paying bills does not have to be a hassle. That is why we created a free, safe, and convenient way to make bill payments from anywhere! You can access Bill Pay from First Bank's eBanking webpage online or from your First Bank on the Go mobile app.

Let's Get Started!

Start by accessing our Online Banking Account Portal:

If you have any issues, contact us

Once you are enrolled, you will have the option to select which account you will be making the payments for, and which account will be your default account for making bill payments. From here, you can add a person or business to pay!

With Bill Pay, you can:

  • Schedule recurring bill payments
  • Set bill pay reminders
  • Pay bills from your mobile device

Certain bills have the option to be paid through eBills, a free service that allows you to receive your bill directly within Bill Pay so that you can view and pay immediately. This can be selected when you are on the Pay Bills page.

You will receive email notifications every time you add a biller, when you need to pay a bill, and when your eBill arrives.

Bill Pay is a quick and easy way to make your payments!

eBanking: Bill Pay

Log in to your eBanking account via First.Bank. Click on the “Pay and Transfer” tab at the top of the page. Click on “Pay Bills” and follow the steps to complete an enrollment. For a video tutorial, click here.

Yes! First Bank offers our clients bill pay service at no charge.

To add a payee, log in at First.Bank, access the Pay Bills option through the “Pay and Transfer” tab. Next to “Pay someone new”, enter the payee name. Choose from the list of known billers, or enter the full name if the payee is not on the list. For a video tutorial, click here.

Please confirm your payment deliver by date and payment method. To view payment details, select the drop down next to the payee name and ‘View payment history”. Click ‘Payment details’ next to the payment. The payment information will be displayed.

If the deliver by date has passed and the payee has not received the payment, please follow the steps below for resolution:

For electronic payments, contact us at 800-760-2265 for assistance. An agent will work with our bill payment team to locate the payment and provide proof of payment to the payee.

For check payments, please verify the mailing address for the payee. If the payment is lost, a stop payment can be placed and a new payment can be created. Contact us at 800-760-2265 to request the check stop payment.