Pay People

Learn how easy it is to send money fast.
  • Start by enrolling in eBanking.
  • Follow instructions to set up Recipients.
  • Pay electronically via mobile number or email address.

Make a payment - quickly and securely - directly through eBanking.

Use our Pay People personal payments service.

Pay People is a fast, convenient, and safe way to send money from your smartphone or computer. Access Pay People from First Bank’s eBanking or from the First Bank On The Go mobile app and begin paying friends and family right away! Whether you're sending money to your college student, paying a friend back for lunch, or paying your babysitter, you can do it anytime, anywhere by using their email address or mobile phone number. You can also personalize the payment by adding a message!

Let’s Get Started!

To add a Recipient:

  1.  All you will need is the Recipient's name and email address or mobile phone number.
  2. Within First Bank’s eBanking, navigate to the External Transfer & Pay People menu under the Move Money section in the navigation. From there, click “add” to create a new person as a Recipeint.
  3. On the First Bank On The Go mobile app, select Move Money, Transfers, then select External Transfer & Pay People, and click “add” to set up your Recipients.

Begin sending money immediately:

  1. Select the person you would like to pay and select the account from which you'd like to withdraw the funds.
  2. If you’d like to send the payment using a mobile number, review the recipient consent.
  3. Enter the amount you’d like to pay.
  4. Add a security question and the answer the recipient will have to answer before they can accept the payment.
  5. The first time you use Pay People, review and accept the Terms & Conditions.
  6. Select the send date and preferred frequency
  7. Select alert notification (if necessary).
  8. You may choose to enter a message for the Recipient.
Payments can be sent by these delivery methods:
  • Mobile phone number (for text message delivery).
  • Email address.

Recipients of text and email payments will receive instructions on how to claim their money after it is sent.

Pay People FAQs

Pay People is a fast, convenient, and safe way to send money to a person from your smartphone or computer. You will see this also referred to as a PayItNow P2P payment.

There is no fee for the Pay People Service. 

  • Withing eBanking, select External Transfer & Pay People in the Move Money section. Select Add for People and complete the required information, providing an email address or mobile number.
  • If you use a Person’s mobile number, you must represent that you have the recipient’s consent to use the mobile number for text messages.
  • The amount of the payment will be debited from your First Bank account on the Business Day that the Recipient accepts the payment. If the payment is not accepted within 10 calendar days after the processing of the payment begins, the payment will be void, and no funds will be deducted from your account.
  • The cutoff time for Pay People payments is 3:00 p.m. CT on each Business Day. 

In order for the Recipient to obtain the payment, the Recipient must accept the payment and provide required account information. This must be done within 10 calendar days. Once the Recipient has accepted the payment, the payment will be deposited in the Recipient’s account one (1) Business Day after the Business Day on which the payment was accepted.  

You may cancel a payment in Pay People at any time until the processing of the payment into the Recipient’s account has begun. This means that if the Recipient has not accepted the payment, you may cancel at any time by selecting Delete Payment for the scheduled payment.

You can set up recurring payments when using Pay People by choosing a frequency option.