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The Truth About Family Business Succession

In this article, “The Truth About Family Business Succession,” written by Dr. Allie Taylor and originally published by Orange Kiwi, LLC, you will discover 10 things owners wish they knew about succession years before they started. Dr. Taylor discusses some of the challenges in succession planning and how to address them

Merit or Inherit: How to Approach Succession in a Family Business

This article, “Merit or Inherit: How to Approach Succession in a Family Business,” written by Josh Baron, Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School and Co-Founder/Senior Advisor at BanyanGlobal, and originally published by, describes a path to succession using a blend of both the “merit model” and the “inherit model." Using both models is far more likely to set the next generation of family members up to succeed.

To Brand or Not to Brand: That Is the Family Business Question

To brand or not to brand; it’s a very good question. No, we’re not discussing a soliloquy from Shakespeare, but an important decision that family businesses must make when strategizing for the future. Being the economic powerhouse they are, it makes good financial sense that family businesses wouldn’t leave something as critical as their business branding to chance.

7 Inventive Family Businesses

Whether for a first-generation entrepreneur or an established family business, an inventive spirit is at the core of building and preserving a long-term legacy. Some of the world’s most iconic and enduring companies began simply by combining ingenuity and determination to improve the quality of everyday life of their customers.